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I use the library for my audiobooks that I listen to while knitting but since I share my Kindle library with Mom I still purchase my ebooks. Plus, there are some authors that I don’t want to wait for the ebook to become available on the library site!

I love my Kindle and while I have a house full of quilt, knitting, crafting, travel, and cookbooks, I read fiction and history on my Kindle. It really, really irks me when I see a book at Amazon where the paperback book is less expensive than the Kindle book … and because I’m a Prime member, I could even get the paperback delivered at no extra charge in two days. How is it possible that the Kindle book costs more?!!

I’m too lazy to write book reviews but I do keep a list of books I’ve read on Goodreads. I appreciate however when others (VickiW and Carol) write book reviews on their blog.


  1. I so miss reading, but I am getting better. Kindle was supposed to be the answer, but it didn’t work as well as I hoped, but I might buy a new Kindle and try again. The light distribution and color are supposed to work better with the trigeminal neuralgia.

  2. I have both a Nook and a Kindle but use the Nook more because I find it easier to use. Some books are only available on Kindle however and that’s when I use it instead. I have an eye condition and love that I can customize the size of the print and brightness of the background.

  3. I’ve been noticing lately too that the paperbacks are often cheaper. I still have some favorite authors that I purchase in print, but most of my reading anymore is via Kindle.

  4. Hi Mary! I agree, completely. Aren’t they just basically a more sophisticated version of a .pdf, and once you create them they cost nothing?!! Good grief. I think they are trying to recoup the costs of printing, and since less books are purchased the e-formats carry the costs. Annoying. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I love my Kindle too. I have the Kindle Voyage and it has worked great. It’s small enough to fit into my purse so I have it handy for long wait times at various places. It also irritates me when the Kindle book costs more then the printed edition. Would like to know the reasoning behind that.

  6. It irks me too when the paperback version of a book is cheaper than the Kindle version. But the print in paperbacks is small and sometimes I just cough up the money for the Kindle version. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, even with new glasses.

  7. I agree. I’ve been using Overdrive since you first mentioned it on your blog. I belong to my local library and The Free Library of Philadelphia. I don’t understand the prices on Amazon either. I find I don’t have as much time as I used to to actually sit and hold a book. Ugh 😑

  8. I think you are on my bookshelf list of friends so I can see what you are reading and can check out books you have starred. I use my Kindle too and really like audiobooks when I’m walking the dog or walking to and from my morning job.

  9. I LOVE my Kindle! Before I got it, our house was so full of books, we had run out of places to stash them! Not only do I get to enjoy good literature now, but my house is much more presentable! And, the Kindle is usually lighter, and more easily carried around than regular books!

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