Travel day

Mom has arrived safely at home and I’m on my way back to Tampa this afternoon. It’s a long day (we left the house at 5:45am) but well worth it to have had a long visit with Mom in Tampa!


  1. Aww, you both had such a good time together. I enjoyed all the photos of what you were working on. She will be missed, and I’m sure she is missing you too. Until next time—take care.

  2. It was a very productive visit with quality time visiting. Glad you were able to spend good time together.

  3. Oh how wonderful that you had this time together–your Mom is so beautiful loved all the pictures of the two of you quilting together…hugs, Julierose

  4. I love your mom’s smile. Thoroughly enjoyed your pictures of the quilts you worked on together. Thanks for sharing your memory making time with us. Made me miss my mom. She taught me how to quilt. She died in 2009. I wish we had made more memories together with our quilting. You are blessed.

  5. How happy to see that she got home safely. How I wish I still had mine. Love how much you enjoy each other and quilting. Just lost my 93 yr old uncle who lived in Largo. We saw him in early Dec. Will fly back in to Tampa on Mar. 1st. I am now the eldest in the family. Take care and love every minute with your kids and your mom.

  6. I love following your visits with your mom!! I smile through all your posts remembering some wonderful visits with my mom too. Rest up from your travels!!

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