Off my needles

Not without mistakes but I think I love magic loop knitting — so much easier than switching to double point needles. Love the “color” work too but not sure I like stranded colorwork … will check out slip stitch or mosaic knitting that doesn’t leave strands of yarn on the back side!

4 thoughts on “Off my needles

  1. I’m a definite magic loop convert and use one for anything circular. Now I knit mainly toe up socks via magic loop. I haven’t heard of mosaic or slip stitch knitting and will be glad to hear your finding


  2. Very cute colorwork on that adorable hat. Not being a knitter myself I don’t understand the techniques you used, but I do appreciate the final product.


  3. Really cute hat and love the two colors! I wish I was better at knitting but have decided I just don’t have the patience at my age. I’ll stick to crochet and sewing as my hobbies. Your knitting is beautiful though!!


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