The borders are on and the Ohio Star top is done. It will wait a while for quilting as do all my tops! This is my February Precut Party quilt – Fat Quarters were the precut of the month and I used 8 (or part of 8) Fat Quarters in this top.

I didn’t get everything I wanted to get done this week because I was expecting company last night and had to straighten up and get ready for them but at the last minute, Chris decided not to come. Hopefully we’ll see them soon. I did spend time looking at knitting patterns – looking for another hat to do some slip stitch color work using magic loop but in the end I decided I’d just cast on a plain one and get more practice using this method. I do have a couple potential hats in the queue now.

After finishing the border on the Ohio Star I pulled out a top, pieced a back, and since my leftover batting bin is overflowing, I pieced a batting for it. Just a quick zigzag on the machine to attach the pieces and it’s ready for me to load. As you can see from the bin, I need to piece more!


  1. What a quick and easy scrapbuster the 16 patch is! Sometimes I just need a “mindless ” stitching project and this would be a good one.

  2. Great job on both quilts! So pretty! I love that map fabric and the way you used it. And the borders on the 16 patch make it fun and cute. Love that idea! I am feeling really lazy now. I did start a crocheted baby blanket though. Took me forever to find a pattern I like. Maybe I will get both sewing and crocheting done today…maybe. Sorry your son wasn’t able to visit. That’s always disappointing.

  3. I too, thought it must have been disappointing when Chris couldn’t come, but such is life these days. My family has been battling the flu big time. All the little ones were sick, then of course the mom and nana got it too. I too piece batting to make new batts, does anyone care? No. Pet Finn for me, he’s such a lover. My kid came home last night, I thought they were staying out of town. The dog about scared me to death, but was going to eat the person knocking on the door. Made me feel good to know she’s going to save me.

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