A quiet day

Since we didn’t have company as expected, I found time to work in the sewing room.

My baskets have been trimmed, the binding machine stitched, and I’m part way through hand stitching it.

The Framed 16 patch has been loaded on the longarm and is ready for quilting this coming week. I had a lot of comments on that one – it was a kit from Craftsy and it used one Jelly Roll – so easy to pull a Jelly Roll or cut 2.5 inch strips from your stash if you’d like to make one too. I’ll definitely be making it again … maybe in RWB!

Keith helped me do some rearranging. I’ve been working with the room set up that I created last January when the longarm was moved from our Big Canoe condo and I decided to try a different arrangement. I’m doing more piecing on the Jane these days so moving the ironing board and design board to that side of the room might make more sense … we’ll see!

The table with the GO was moved to the other alcove where the Elna is … I tend to piece backs and batting, and do my binding on this machine.

I lose one table with this setup and I’m not sure I’m going to miss it or not so I’ll try if for a while and if I want the table back, the ironing board can go back to the other side of the room.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to do the Gasparilla half marathon this morning – I’m just not capable of walking/jogging 13.1 miles due to side effects from my suppression therapy – but Keith and I did get out for a walk along the bay this afternoon. He continued walking after I headed back to the house and gets credit for the best photo of the day!

I’m still hoping that I will adjust to my dosage and it’s side effects and be able to walk it next year. Chris promised me he’d come and do it with me and I know Keith will do it again too. It’s part of our Tampa tradition!


  1. Sorry for the disappointment over the race, but you really are recovering well and I know you will come back over time. You and your doctor will get the meds right and your body will find a new normal that you are comfortable with.

  2. Beautiful photo! How long does it take you to walk a half marathon? I’m not in good shape because of my health issues, but we’ve signed up for a virtual half marathon that can be done over the course of a few days. I’m curious as to how much time I should plan for…I know I won’t get it done it 3 hours like runners would!

  3. It looks as if there is better lighting where your go is. Love your butterfly quilt… and your set up. That is a great pic that he took. Hope your body adjusts soon.

  4. Oh Geez, your room is so clean but I won’t let it discourage me, lol. Love the pic of the pelican. When my grand daughter in law was in Miami, Corey took a video of her trying to get as close as she could for a pic. She slowly inched sideways. It was pretty funny. I don’t walk much due to my sciatic issues, but the hospital where my MIL is, is like a mouse maze and it seems like we walk all over the place. I’d be scared to see what my step count has been if I had a counter.

    Next year you RACE!!
    xx, Carol

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