I’ve had the Framed 16 Patch top loaded on the longarm for a few days but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to quilt on it. I’ve been very lazy with my quilting the last year or so and have done very little freehand quilting but I didn’t have a pantograph that I wanted to use on it. I debated a few ideas …

I almost went with swirls but I wanted something a little quicker, a little less dense, so I went with wonky flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD.

I’ve decided Mom can come back to visit anytime … although we mostly focused on her projects while she was here in January, she did some things for me too. I’d forgotten I’d asked her to make the binding for this little quilt and was pleasantly surprised to find it already made! I always cut my strips but the binding doesn’t get made until I’m ready to sew it on. That’s just one way Mom and I are different in our quilting, Mom makes hers when she finishes the top.

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  1. I especially like the Basket quilt you & your mother made together. This is so special that you made it together & both have the gift of quilting! Thanks for your inspiration! Molly

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