An early start

Since I finished the binding on the Framed 16 Patch, I decided to get an early start on March’s Jelly Roll quilt for our precut party! After going back and forth with myself debating which pattern to use, I finally decided I’d make another Spools quilt. I’d always intended to make one of these in RWB.

First, I reviewed the instructions myself … my notes often come in handy when I’m remaking a quilt.

There are some floral prints in this bundle and I was worried that it might read too girly but a) there are girl veterans, and b) it will find a home somewhere no matter how it turns out!

Each stripset makes 2 blocks so there’s not a lot of variety up here yet but I’ll move things around as I get more blocks made.

9 thoughts on “An early start

  1. Spool quilt is beautiful, I have a few jelly rolls I will have to try making one. Also, what panto did you use? It looks so pretty.


  2. I love a RWB quilt. My grandson deploys to Kuwait in June and I’d like to make him one for when he gets home. Thanks for the inspiration.


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