My batting leftovers are getting out of hand and I have several small tops I want to get quilted and ready to donate by the summer so it was time to pull them out and see what I had in the bin.

I posted photos a week or so ago of my alcoves once I’d switched things around and several people mentioned how neat my sewing room was … obviously the middle of the room wasn’t in those photos … it’s usually quite cluttered and I have bins everywhere! That table needs to be put away but I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to do some more rearranging – I kind of miss having the table as a workspace and while I like the design wall where it is, it’s blocking the light switch and I have to close the closet door and reach behind it to turn the light on and off.

I’m lucky I have a little floor space in this room because it’s easier to make sure the batting will be large enough if I spread the pieces on the floor and then lay the top down. Five small batting’s have been pieced including one for the Shark Strippie!

I’ve also been knitting some and working on the Spool blocks.

Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and it’s tax prep week so I’ll get started on that …ugh!


  1. Creativity is messy business!! You have a large space and it looks like you’re using it well. You’re definitely a very prolific quilter and a very productive individual – it inspires me to do better.

  2. I let my batting scraps get out of control and avoided using them. I finally gave in and measured and squared opposing ends of each piece (where it would be sewn to another piece for joining) and labeled each with the size and stacked like sizes together. Made it easier and quicker to sew them together when I needed one. Before I knew it that big pile was gone. Now, I go ahead and do this when I have a big enough piece left over and it keeps the batting pile small.

  3. After realizing how much room batting scraps take up, I try to use them ASAP so I wouldn’t have 5 that big. I would have either pieced them for a larger quilt or made a baby quilt top to get rid of them.

  4. Love that shark strippee! And the red/white/blue blocks are coming together very nicely. I have been using up some of my batting leftovers lately since I’ve made some smaller items. And I also sew together pieces to make baby quilts and wall hangings. So my pile of batting in the closet has shrunk a bit.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I always feel that my sewing rooms are in a state of upheaval. I guess it just shows I have lots going on.

  6. Sewing rooms can get disorganized soooo easily. I just got mine cleaned up a little before going on vacation. When I get back I need to do some organizing. I just learned last summer how to piece smaller left over batting pieces together. I like to make tote bags as gifts and those left over batting pieces are perfect for that. Love your spool quilt!!

  7. Very nice quilts. I’m glad you showed “the rest of the room”. Makes me feel normal now. Except I have ten times the amount of fabric you have.

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