The taxes were mailed to the accountant yesterday afternoon … I had some last minute research and calculations to make because I thought the information was in a report I was sending but luckily I realized it wasn’t before I mailed everything off.

I’m so glad tax week is done for another year and I managed to convince myself to go in and load the little dog Strippie on the longarm and quilt it rather than sit in my chair and read all afternoon!

I rarely do any plain meandering but I didn’t want anything too dense or thready to interfere with the cute doggie print. Wavy lines in the smallest strip and some swirls in the stripe and I was done!

Time flies by so quickly these days that I was very happy to realize that I have 2 weeks here at home before I travel again … for some reason, I was thinking it was just one. Next up, more spool blocks, binding this Strippie, and deciding what gets loaded on the longarm next so I can find/piece a backing for it.


  1. Cute dog fabric for another adorable Strippie quilt. I got my taxes back from the accountant today, so I’m set for another year. I’m glad to have them finished early.

  2. Oooh so cute! Those doggies are adorable and the quilting lovely.
    Getting a top quilted as well as the taxes done is a great weeks work. Well done you.

  3. I haven’t done the taxes yet, ugh! We always pay. I like your cute doggy quilt and yes, time does fly.

  4. Let me thank you here. I have been looking at fabric I bought to make my great grandson a sleeping bag, but the kids moved from the cooler mountains to LA. Then you posted another great strippie and my light bulbs went off. So my thanks are many, including for your generousity, for blogging and for our blog friendship. I love visiting here.
    xx, Carol

  5. My husband did our taxes a couple weeks ago and we are getting a return. Very nice surprise!! Your doggy quilt is adorable and perfect quilting choice.

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