Ready to be done!

I’m still working on the blue blanket – I feel like I should be done by now but I still have about 1/3 of it to knit … my next one will be crocheted and I’ll stick to knitting hats and scarves!! I know it’s not just about how fast I can finish something but I get bored!


  1. When I work on a large project like that, I put a removable stitch marker where I start a knitting section. I focus on small progress (an inch or more) rather than the end of the project. The blanket looks lovely.

  2. I enjoy the boring bits. I actually have a friend who will occasionally give me those sections of HER projects to knit!! I’m a happy camper when I have “mindless” knitting to do.

  3. This is a lovely blanket, I’m hoping to learn how to knit like that. My problem is I have two dogs who insist on sitting by me and it’s difficult to knit my dish cloths. I love the color and pattern of the blanket.

  4. It appears that you need a more challenging knitting project to hold your attention and crochet is nice for making blankets and easier on the hands. I love knitting blankets because of the easy knitting of rows and it’s a restful thing to do when I need to rest. I’ve had joint replacement done in both of my thumbs this past year, so while it’s not likely I will knit hats, mittens or socks, I hope to do something like you are working on here. Is this a Ravelry Pattern? It’s lovely, as is your knitting.

  5. Boy I know that bored feeling. I CAN knit, but crochet goes much faster and much more easy for me to improv if I need a quick go to craft as I usually do while waiting at doc appts etc.
    xx, Carol

  6. Beautiful blanket!! I am a very slow knitter and do more crochet work. I am working on a crocheted baby blanket for my first great-grandchild. Yikes! Can’t believe I’m that old. Your knitting looks perfect!!

  7. I love this blanket and its color. i have a friend knitting one very similar. I only knit sweaters as a teenager and have not done anything since! Would love to know the name of this pattern.

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