Pedal assist bikes

I had some questions about ebikes yesterday so I did a Google search so I could share some information. If you want to read a good article about electric bikes … read this.

We bought my first pedal assist bike about 10 years ago and while I still have it, it’s heavy and we were having issues with the battery. For me, I want to ride as much as possible without using the assist and that means a lighter more maneuverable bike is important as is having the assist when I need it and that’s what Keith bought me yesterday. My bike is NOT like a scooter … it will not go if I don’t pedal and it’s also important to me to be able to turn the assist off. I only want to use it when I need it.

Today we went out on a 15 mile ride and a good part of the ride was done without any assist. We rode over to Davis Island and stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the view and watch the sailing class.

Then we rode back across the bay and down to Ballast Point to have lunch.

I love the view of downtown from here and having lunch on the water.

After lunch we rode the 3 miles home along the bay. That’s Keith out in front of me and the bike is so easy to control that I was able to grab my phone out of my pocket and snap a photo of him while I was riding.

The bike we bought is a Townie Go bike and clicking this link will take you to that website. For me, the advantages of having a pedal assist are that I can ride a much longer time, go further distances than I could on my own, keep up with Keith who has long legs and is a very active guy, and it allows me to go out riding without worrying if I’ll have enough stamina to get home!


  1. Very interesting. A pedal assisted bike is what got me started in moorcycling 48 years ago, and I’m still motorcycling on 2 wheels. Go Mary! I’ll stick with the bigger motors.

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for the great explanation and the link to your bike. I will check it out. How nice that you can have the assist when YOU want it, not when the bike or manufacture think you want it. That sounds like the perfect solution. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Looks like you both had a wonderful day! Where are all the cars, people and traffic….lol. I live in a very populated city and it would not be relaxing to ride a bike around here. Looks very pretty there and sunny. Sounds like the bike is also working out great!

  4. You live in such a wonderful area to ride. The other day my MIL’s doc reminded us to take a Vitamin D supplement because of our lack of sun here. We asked ourselves why we didn’t move south when it would have been easier to do so. SMH
    xx, Carol

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