The weekend flew by

I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night already!! Keith has gone up to bed, he travels again tomorrow and I’m just finishing up downstairs before I go up to knit a few rows on the turquoise afghan. I wanted to mention that our family room furniture was finally delivered on Saturday — we gave Adam the furniture that was in the room back in January and have been sitting in beach chairs the few times we’ve actually used the room since then. I’m thrilled to have furniture back in the room and I’m hoping that Keith likes this as much as he thinks he will. (I actually preferred the sectional with the recliners we had in there).

I still have to do something with the plug from the light … I’m thinking a flat extension cord that will plug into the outlet UNDER the sofa not the one that has ended up beside it. Finn is very happy to have some furniture back in this room. He was NOT happy about not having a spot beside me to sit.

We’ve also enjoyed some porch time both Saturday and Sunday — our weather has been really, really nice — not too hot and no humidity yet! We have no plans for St Patrick’s Day next weekend other than another bike ride but we’re celebrating our Irish heritage this month!

I didn’t make it into the sewing room on Saturday but I did manage some time this afternoon and got another 8 spool blocks done.


  1. I love your new sectional. We need one too as DH breaks the pillows/cushions down within weeks of purchase. I love furniture from Ethan Allen and am looking at a couch from Lazy Boy. We loved our recliners we bought from them. I like fairly firm furniture. He likes pillowy/soft stuff that I can’t stand the feel or look of. Yours looks great.

    Love your new bicycle too. We live up in the hills of the desert. I am 73, have had a massive heart attack and have two bad knees. Can’t walk the way I could a few years ago. I have also had thyroid problems as well.

  2. The room looks great. We have a nearly identical sectional – only reversed in layout. Ours is kind of an oatmeal color. It’s very comfortable.

  3. Love your sectional. I’m going to redo two rooms this year but with Rosy the Destroyer beagle we might get leather. It’s a hard decision to make. Today I’m starting on your Boxed Squares pattern using black, gray and white. I’m making it for a friend for her 60th birthday.

  4. Love the new sectional! We are also in the market for some new furniture and flooring. I am thinking two love seats and two recliners. Since my knee replacement surgery my husband has had to share his recliner so now I want my own. I can’t make up my mind on flooring though. Going between all hardwood or a combination of hardwood and carpet which is what we have now. We live in the Seattle area so carpet is nice because it is warmer. But I like the look of all hardwood. Decisions are hard, especially since this will probably be our last little remodel.

  5. I like your new sectional Mary, but I’m with you on the recliner type. We had a Lazy Boy with sectionals that we got rid of for a sofa hide a bed and I sorely miss the recliner seating. Our nephew did a sofa with two matching recliners from Lazy Boy, and I really like that option. Looks like Finn is very happy! I love the color of your new sectional too…Enjoy!

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