Blocks are done

My goal will be to get these spool blocks assembled into a top next week after I take a couple days to look and see what needs to be moved around.

The design wall is now in a more visible spot in the sewing room so every time I walk in and out I glance over and change blocks around as needed. In Minneapolis, my sewing room was too small for the design wall so I had it outside the room at the top of the stairs – that was great too because I studied the blocks every time I went up and down the stairs. I used to get great photos of Chesty with my quilts in the background because he would run up the stairs and turn around to wait for me!

Tomorrow I’ll have to get the Charm square top loaded and quilted. Luckily it’s a small one and Keith will be home so Finn will stay downstairs. I shouldn’t complain because Finn’s pretty good about letting me work but I’ve got to stop more often to take him out for walks and cuddles so having the afternoon with no interruptions will be nice since Keith has been gone all week.


  1. Nice quilt. I had one in my tv room and loved it as I could watch tv and change the blocks. Such a necessity!

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  2. I like it very much. I’m currently playing with blocks made by my guild for a veteran’s quilt. I love red/white/blue quilts, always. So glad those are our country’s colors!

  3. I have a “design floor” but I do the same thing. I live with the block placement for a day or two before sewing the blocks together.

  4. I don’t think I could ever live without a design wall again. I love the spools quilt and would love to make one, but have two graduation quilts to make this year so need to concentrate on those for now.

  5. Beautiful quilt top. Can’t wait to see it after it’s been quilted. Love the pic of Chesty.

  6. This is just lovely, and very appealing to me!
    Did you use just one jelly roll to make it? Thanks for a reply…

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