Happy St Patrick’s Day

It’s always a special day for me and one I spend thinking of my Dad. This year, I decided to visually show the little ones how they connect to their Irish heritage.

Rae …

and Caleb …

… are the only two old enough to understand but I did photos for all 4 of the kids.

My grandparents, Patrick McLaughlin and Mary Anne Wallace immigrated from Ireland in 1922. They settled in Philadelphia and met at some point, married, and my Dad was their second child of eight and their oldest son. I really need to ask around and find out if anyone knows how they met. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that story.

I’ve always been proud to be the granddaughter of immigrants and a part of what makes this country special.

9 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day

  1. You look so much like your grandmother, in my opinion. Those cheekbones came from her.
    That was a great way to give the grands a little family history.


  2. A treasure that won’t truly be appreciated for years. It hit my daughter at about 30. She was always proud of her heritage, but the the love of where she came from took time to grow.


  3. My grandparents came over from the ‘old country’ as it used to be called. I have a photo taken of my grandfather in his army uniform in Austria, my grandmother was more Hungarian. When he got his naturalization papers, he listed his country as Yugoslavia. She never spoke English. My best friends grandparents came from Poland and Croatia. We are truly a melting pot here.


  4. what program did you use to create the photo that you sent Rae. I would love to find something like that. Great idea – family tree research is so interesting. Must get back to working on ours.


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