More bike time!

It was a bit drizzly but we still got out on the bikes. I am SOOO enjoying being outside more and enjoying the area we live. A twelve and a half mile ride today and I always love seeing dolphins in our bay!

Sparkman Wharf is a new area downtown and while I wasn’t impressed on my first visit weeks ago, we enjoyed our ride there today … there was a large cruise ship docked … I didn’t realize that they docked right next to this wharf.

It wasn’t as crowded today, probably due to the weather so we were able to sit a while before we got back on the bikes.


  1. Very nice. We don’t have sidewalks at our home area and car traffic is a little too fast. I like your pictures.

  2. Oh I am so glad you mentioned the Dolphin in the pic. My mind raced to SHARK! before I read it. I LOVE the glorious colors of that building in last picture. It’s one thing I love seeing in the warmer states. I’d love to live in a brightly colored house with colorful accessories all over the place. The best I can do here is paint the decor around our fish pond in bright colors. They make me smile big.
    xx, Carol

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