I wasn’t sure I would get the Spool top assembled this week as planned but it’s done. I mentioned yesterday that I’m not a perfectionist so I’m not going to fix the error I found just now!

I have brief instructions on the website for a smaller version of this quilt and it counts as my Precut Party quilt for March – made from 2.5 inch strips.


  1. Hi Mary! No one is going to ever notice an error, and I honestly didn’t look for it. It sure looks nice as is. Great job, and you got it together so quickly. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. No one will know unless you tell them there are errors. If I found it I see 5 blocks but I really had to work at it and go block by block—-So I could be wrong and I am not telling where I think they are. You did a great job looks wonderful.

    • Oh, I always rise to that bait and it’s like playing the “Spot the Differences” game. Not in a mean way, believe me. It’s simply fun for me! It also reminds me of a woman at a guild meeting who showed us her quilt and said, “I made one mistake. Can anyone spot it?” I think it took ten minutes before we were done pointing out ALL the mistakes we spotted. Hubris, anyone?

  3. It’s beautiful!! I looked for a couple of minutes and never found an error so it is well hidden. Very nice pattern!

  4. If you had not mentionned the error I surely never noticed it look so beautiful. As a little game I checked carefully and i fund it : row 7, second square from the right.

  5. Third row up from bottom, second column from right. Right? But so what. Didn’t the old-time quilters used to include something like that, intentionally, calling it a “humility block”? (Would never have even seen it if you hadn’t told us.) Such a cheerful-looking quilt! It lifts my spirits just looking at it.

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