I’ve been neglecting my genealogy research the last few years just doing a little here and there but I had the opportunity to attend an all day Irish genealogy seminar so I signed up a few weeks ago and attended the conference today.

It was hard to get up out of bed since I hadn’t slept at all. Keith suggested I skip the conference but I wasn’t going to miss this rare opportunity to attend a conference where the lecturers were actually from Ireland and able to share first hand knowledge so I headed out early this morning.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to find the information I have on my Irish ancestors but they’re adding new records all the time. I’d found a transcription of my great grandfather’s death record but now I could see the actual written record including the cause of death which was not available to me before.

Since I was not familiar with the terminology used, I looked it up.

I’ve started going back through the generations looking for more info. In the green handout, there are lots of references and websites listed.


  1. seems like your life is returning to normal or you. I am happy to see that you are doing genealogy, I remember the times when you worked in the library in MN and loved finding the nuggets,
    My daughter fins those and is so thrilled doing it.

  2. I didn’t use to care a lot about genealogy when I was younger – my grandparents were all still alive and living in the same town as I did. Now they’re gone, and so are my parents – and I’m a grandmother myself….
    I’m glad that you’re finding more of your family info!

  3. I have found Donegal ancestors in the region of Spring Lake/Prior Lake, MN… Family History research is just as addicting as quilting!!!

  4. That seminar sounds wonderful. My great grandfather was my immigrant, so we have plenty of info about his life and death in Iowa, but I’d love to have access to more about his parents and grands in Ireland — in Ulster, actually.

  5. It sounds like the conference was worth getting up for. I wish I had more time for genealogy and I tried. Did pretty well finding some interesting information but then it became harder and more time consuming. With all the material stacked in my sewing room I had to put the genealogy aside and get back to sewing. At almost 72 I am not getting any younger. I have to set priorities now. And there are so many things I enjoy doing. Now it’s Spring and time to work in the garden which I also love. I need more hours in the day since I don’t seem to accomplish as much as when I was younger…darn it!!

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