Road trip

I said I wanted a road trip and while this isn’t with the new car … I’m having fun!

I flew to Virginia on Monday, Mom and I drove to Maryland on Tuesday, my sister Ann, Mom, and I drove to Pennsylvania today and met up with my Aunt and my cousin and her daughter.

Mary Ann and Ashley stayed for lunch and a visit to Weaver’s Dry Goods before they had to head back home. The rest of us are staying for a couple nights in Lancaster and headed for the hotel to visit, have dinner, and for some of us, a drink or three (they were really small glasses of wine)!!!

Tomorrow, we’ll go to the Lancaster Quilt Show.


  1. Welcome to PA and the Lancaster shows. Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow. I hope to be able to get there. Enjoy all Lancaster has to offer.

  2. Color me GREEN with envy!! I used to attend the Lancaster Show every year when we lived in NJ. I haven’t been since we moved to NC.I know you will have tons of fun (and be exhausted afterwards.) Enjoy!!

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