A quick visit

I picked Adam up at the airport at 1:30pm … he’s here just for a quick overnight visit. We had lunch at the Hard Rock in the airport. Funny, he says he’s never eaten at one even though he has a big collection of shirts that are about to become his t-shirt quilt.

The reason he’s here for a visit is we’re passing along the old Subaru (it’s not THAT old) to him so he flew in to drive it home to GA. He’s happy!

Keith had it cleaned and gassed up … and left a little surprise for Adam…. growing up Adam was always allowed to take the change off the entryway table for lunch or whatever … then as he got older, I’d give him our saved change – it was always a nice bonus for him. When Keith cleaned out the car, he left the coins for Adam. I love our little family traditions!

We had dinner out tonight … it’s a short visit but so nice to have some time with Adam!

I’m still pretty tired from my trip so I’m planning for tomorrow to be a day of rest but I did pull out my Hexagon Flowers UFO today – I may have been a little over optimistic about what I’m going to accomplish before the next trip but I’ve made progress on the Ripple Afghan so that’s good! I even wove in some of the ends already.


  1. I love my Subaru also. Wow — that looked like at least a cup of coffee haul. Fun tradition. Your ripple afghan looks great. The one I started, but haven’t finished nor worked on for ages, “ripples” on the sides as well as in the body. OOOPS it really isn’t suppose to. It may never get finished. Your colors are awesome. Enjoy recharging.

  2. Your ripple afghan is beautiful! Love the colors. That was the first thing I ever crocheted, in three shades of pink, when I was in college. Gave it to my mom and it still looks brand new almost 50 years later. I will probably give it to one of my granddaughters.

  3. Hi Mary! Oh, how fun to leave the change for Adam. That’s a fun tradition! Your Ripple afghan is coming along nicely and those colors are beautiful. That will be one gorgeous afghan when it is finished. I love those colors. Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The colors in the afghan are beautiful. I ate at the Hard Rock in Chicago once…great atmosphere but highly overrated food. Much better places in Chicago to eat but you have to have the experience of the Hard Rock at least once. Love that coin tradition. We raised my grandson and always left a box of change and a few bills for him to take as needed. Now when he comes home he asks if he can BUY some quarters for the car wash. Silly man.
    xx, Carol

  5. The change thing is something I know well. If it wasn’t put away it was open to the finder. We got to the point that paper money under $10 was fair game. As the kids got to high school, they learned to put away their earnings from babysitting and other odd jobs since their sister or parents could get rich quick. It most often was a windfall for them and worked well for that, but it also taught a respect for money that some children in their age group didn’t have. We still have a Coca Cola bank about 1/4 full of “found” change. I am so happy that you could pass your Subaru on to Adam. I love the concept of helping our kids when we are able.

  6. I’m betting your son got a big kick out of seeing the change left in the car. We had a similar tradition, and the change was collected in a big old orange juice bottle for many years. We passed a couple of vehicles down to our girls over the years. The last one was when our youngest was in grad school and needed a better car to commute 70 miles each way every day.

  7. You are amazingly generous parents. Thats a very nice car. The ripple afgan is one of the first I ever crocheted. Love the colors you picked. Wow, that is a lot of change! (and coffee) :o) I always keep two tens in our car for a just in case moment. I’ve been doing this since the fires, floods and earthquakes that have happened in our area of San Francisco. I always keep the car filled with gas too. You never know when you may need money or gas in a disaster moment and everyone is scurrying around. Better prepared than sorry.

  8. How fun! Adam and his family will get a lot of use out of the vehicle. Love Adam’s photo when he discovered the coins.

  9. Looks like your son was very happy with his “new” car. And the change was an added bonus. It made me smile because I have always saved our change and our oldest grandsons always get it. They are older now and have forgotten about that and don’t come over as often so I gifted it to the youngest on his 16th birthday in January. He had to count it and there was a little over $150 in change. He was happy! Your ripple afghan is very pretty and coming along nicely. I like that pattern because it is easy to crochet and watch a movie or listen to an audio book at the same time. Sounds like you had a nice visit with your son.

  10. Adam looks so happy! Having a car in good condition to transport his family must be a very happy moment for him. We have passed cars in good condition down to our kids too and they have been greatly appreciated. Love your afghan – color choices are just beautiful. And, just have to say that we have found the Tampa Airport one of the best we have ever dealt with-right down to the rental cars. It is so easy to maneuver around. Plenty of good food choices as well. We love the area but probably will be a number of years before we come back now that my uncle has passed.

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