Chris visits

We had a short overnight visit from Chris, Becky, and the girls on their way home from their spring break cruise with Becky’s family. Rae was very busy playing with my neighbor’s little girl and somehow I didn’t manage to get a photo of her but Becky gave me this one of the girls taken on the cruise that I want to get printed and framed.

Mo enjoyed library time ….

…and cuddle time. She is SOOO sweet!

Keith’s nephew Andrew moved to the area recently so he was able to join us for dinner in spite of the last minute invitation! Keith was great, he went out to the store and fixed dinner for everyone so I got to sit and spend time with both my girls.


  1. ❤️ the photo of the girls! MO’s eyes are amazing. How wonderful to have snuggle time. Keith’s nephew resembles him.

  2. The girls are so adorable and I love the picture of becky reading to Mo. I loved the reading time with my girls 40 years ago and with 8the grands more recently. So glad you could include Andrew and that a good time was had by all.

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