I’m marking all kinds of things off my April to do list today! The Hexagon Flowers and 9 Patch top is assembled. I love it when I’m working on a small top and I can use my big ironing board to measure and pin the borders. It’s so much easier than crawling around on the floor!

I won’t quilt this one right away but since it’s my oldest UFO, the plan is to get it done this year. Those paper pieced Hexagon Flowers waited a long time to become a quilt!

9 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. I’m trying to remember but did you hand sew the hexies on the background? I have some that I’m going to match with vintage butterflies.


  2. Mary- Your hexie flower quilt is adorable. My favorite colors, and such a sweet lay out! Thanks so much for sharing! By the way, do you clean, cook, garden, and take care of your house? I can’t imagine having so much quilting time! ( I’m envious!) : ) Brenda King


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