Kathy from my HeartStrings group is hosting a sew-in tomorrow in Wisconsin and since I couldn’t be there in person, I wanted to sew along with them on HeartStrings projects this weekend. I’m going to be busy tomorrow during the day so I loaded a quilt late this afternoon and quilted it tonight after watching the Lightning lose their second playoff game – NOT off to a good start but I’m hoping they turn things around on Sunday.

So back to the quilting … you may remember I tied 12 Happy Block quilts in October while I was in Maine and there were plenty more tops completed so I told Bev, I’d bring some home to finish. I have 8 here and the plan is to get them quilted – some I’ll donate to Safe Harbor in GA and some I’ll take back to Maine in September for donating there. This is just #1 so I’m have a ways to go but I’m hoping to get another one loaded and quilted this weekend.

Pantograph is Steam by Norma Sharp – I like to keep these kids quilts nice and cozy so I try to choose quilting that isn’t too dense. There are some really cute fabrics in this one!

I also managed to find the Apple Core UFO – I don’t expect to make much progress on this but maybe I can add a section – I’ve been hand piecing it but I might google machine sewing Apple Core blocks and see what I think. I don’t thing sewing the blocks into rows would be difficult but I’m thinking it might be more challenging when it comes time to sew the rows together.

This is a UFO from 2009 – obviously I like the idea of hand piecing but I don’t seem to make much progress on these projects.


  1. Lovely quilt. The prints are cute and I really like the bright colors. I also started a small apple core quilt sewing it by hand but didn’t get too far. Just not my thing, I guess.😔

  2. I have a hand piecing project I started and did a lot by hand, but now it needs to be finished by machine since it is a cathedral window and it causes my hands to hurt sewing them together. Again sounds great but not so much. Good luck with the Happy Blocks quilts since they will make so many kids happy.

  3. Love the quilted quilt. It is so bright and cherry. Someone is going to love that one day. I also love the idea of hand sewing and hand quilting. But since I don’t even like sewing binding on by hand, but do because I think it looks the best, I will not even start a hand sewing project. The apple core quilt is really cute though. I made a quilt with a lot of curves, there’s a technique to that, maybe you could look that up and machine sew the curves together that way??

  4. Love the Happy Block quilt. I recognize lots of the apple core fabrics! I think I have used mine up. Loved those fabrics.

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