We had a gorgeous day here in FL – hard to believe that Keith just ran from the snow in Minneapolis a couple days ago! We took a 13 mile bike ride and ended up downtown along the river and then we came home and went for a swim – and the water was perfect! This is usually a little early for me to be swimming but we’ve had a warm week.

Since I didn’t sew during the day, I sewed this evening. I loaded and quilted another one of the Maine Happy Block Quilts – same green thread, same pantograph as last night – Steam. Isn’t this one cute … the centers are from the same fabric.

Typically I trim and get the binding on a quilt right away but I’ve got three waiting for binding now. Maybe I can get one done before my trip next week.

6 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. A beautiful quilt and such a great twist with all the block centers the same and the bright borders so different. I am happy that you guys got your walk and swimming time. sounds like a very nice weekend.


  2. Another awesome kid quilt. I was inspired to try out the Happy Blocks today. I have a bag of charm squares that I got from exchanges over the years, so I sorted out a bunch of fun kid types of prints and a bunch of polka dots in bright colors. I made 2 as a test and I think this will be another good scrappy donation quilt. Thanks for the ideas you share.


  3. Love the center material, so cute!! This pattern would make a cute I Spy quilt. You have probably already done that. I have the perfect layer cake for that…will need to make one. Thank you for all the great ideas!!


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