DC is a great walking city and the Metro is a great way to get from one area of the city to another. Our hotel is near the Woodley Park -Zoo Metro station and this morning we took the Metro to Judicial Park thinking we were going to find the International Spy Museum after a short walk but I didn’t realize it was closed as they move it from one location to another so a change of plans had us walking along the National Mall.

Somehow we hadn’t seen the Taft memorial before tucked behind the Capital … we even walked by it as the bells rang out. Unfortunately, this can’t be said about our president today.

“This Memorial to Robert A. Taft, presented by the people to the Congress of the United States, stands as a tribute to the honesty, indomitable courage, and high principles of free government symbolized by his life.”

We walked by the Capital

Past the Smithsonian – we didn’t stop in today but we’ve been in all the museums along the mall.

And by the Washington Monument

I know there are lots of other memorials and we’ve visited them all but today we turned back after the WW2 Memorial.

I was tired after all the walking and didn’t even notice that there had been an addition to our hotel room at first … poor Keith kept waiting for me to see the yellow roses! He brought me a single yellow rose not long after we started dating and ever since then it’s been my favorite flower!


  1. What a wonderful day! I see you had lovely weather, too. Lucky you! We’re shivering in our boots here in Cincinnati…again! Happy anniversary, and many more to come.

  2. If you get the chance, please go by and see the Korean War Memorial over by the VietNam memorial. It’s really something. My granddaughter was impressed with it too.

  3. Love that Keith gave you yellow roses and it took a while for you to notice. Thoughtfulness about significant shared memories always brings you back to the special time you shared and build more special times. here’s hoping for many more roses and memories together.

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