The Honey Glazed ripple afghan is done. I used a larger hook on this one – an (I) and the entire 3 skeins. I chained 146 but think it’s a bit too square at 51 x 62. It’s taking me a while to find the best combination of hook, size, and use of all the yarn in the skeins. Next time, I use this yarn, I’ll try the (I) hook but go back to the chain of 130.

While I still really like using this yarn, I had a number of knots in two of the skeins so more ends to weave in than I like. Also, at one of the knots, the yarn was reattached in the opposite sequence and I didn’t notice until I was well into the skein and did NOT pull it all out. I’m calling it a design feature rather than an error!

This is the 6th ripple afghan made in 4 weeks (actually 6 calendar weeks but 2 of those weeks I was traveling and not working on them) so it’s a quick and easy pattern.

Even better, 4 of the 6 were made from stash yarn! I’m looking at a bunch of other patterns and have decided to crochet a scarf to “test” a new one out, I’m going to use fingering weight yarn so I hope I have a small enough hook here.


  1. It’s beautiful Mary! I love the color combination. So, I started mine. Years ago I made several Ripple Afghans, I forgot how much fun they are to make. So, thank you for inspiring me. I’ll send a photo when I’m done. However, you are speedy! Wow, 6 afghans in 4 weeks is a lot!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, love the color combo. You are a prolific crocheter and quilter! Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  3. Those are so pretty. I can’t believe how fast you’ve been cranking them out. I’ve made 3 in my entire lifetime it was quite an accomplishment for me and my slow crocheting. I keep looking at yours and am so tempted to start one

  4. Gosh, that many afghans in such a sort period of time is a huge accomplishment, especially since you have other projects in progress. These colors are lovely.
    xx, Carol

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