Family time!

This is what it’s all about!

Pop with his girls ….

I love seeing my two Rae’s together. Mom is letting Rae give her a tattoo!

We’re playing UNO at night … tonight Mom won!

And I get to walk on the beach with Keith …

Kayak …

And enjoy the sunset every night. This is our 4th year spending Mother’s Day week in Hatteras with the family and I always have a wonderful time.


  1. Such a wonderful time! Have you reserved the house for next year? I talked to a friend last night and realized that many of my friends find that little moments with our spouses become more special with time. Hope you are enjoying the walls on the beach with Keith.

  2. Great post. My visits here always make me feel good, whether you are sharing stitching or time spent with family. I miss the time spent with my kids (daughter and her two boys). They are currently estranged from each other by a rift that I am pretty sure will not be healed, which has made family gatherings impossible.

    Love that your mom is getting a tatoo. She’s great!
    xx, Carol

  3. Looks like a wonderful time with family. I thought of you and your Kayak today. I walked into Costco, and they had several beautiful Kayaks for sale….I said “I bet one of these are like Mary’s”.

  4. It’s a wonderful tradition you’ve begun and everyone will have terrific memories of Mother’s Day together.

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