Another Ripple

We were home late last night and I didn’t do much except unpack my boxes of yarn and settle down into my chair to start another ripple afghan.

Yarn – Caron Big Cakes – colorway is Cherry Cake

Size H hook

Pattern – Woodland Ripple – I chained 137

  • (If you decide to give this one a try just remember that she uses UK crochet terms which are different from US terms. She does tell you that but it’s been my experience that people miss that and wonder why their project isn’t turning out right.)

Becky asked me to make one for Mo just before our trip so this one will be for her … and look who brought the Ripple blanket I’d made a few years ago with her to Hatteras! That one was going to be donated but Becky asked if they could keep it. They love quilts and hand made blankets and never seem to have too many! It came in handy this night watching the sunset.

And at bedtime!


  1. Isn’t wonderful when you see your grandchildren using – and enjoying – their gifts!!

  2. OH geez whiz – look at all that cuteness lined up to enjoy the sunset?!! Could she BE any cuter sitting on Keith’s lap with the ripple afghan? All covered in your love. It’s the best. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I have tried the Woodland Ripple twice now and am not having very much success. First time, I didn’t stop after the first row and go back, nor did I “convert” the UK terminology. Second time I tried, I did disconnect after the first row and I used the correct stitches. Still not getting it to line up correctly. But I like the pattern enough to give it another try. Just to confirm: UK double crochet = US single crochet? And UK treble crochet = US double crochet?


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