Back to work

Keith had a lot of catching up to do after our vacation so he spent most of the day working which was fine with me, I crocheted this morning and then this afternoon I worked on some strips and strings log cabin blocks. One of my goals for the month is to get this to the finished top stage.

My string bin is looking a bit lame … I haven’t fed it in a long while. I guess I’ll have to sort through the scrap bins and pull out the leftover strips and strings to add to it. Most of the lights are in the plastic bag, it helps to have them separated when I’m working on these blocks.

We took a break from work to attend a neighborhood picnic and then took a quick swim – it was 90 degrees at 5pm so it felt good to cool off when we got back home. We’re lucky that we live right near the small park where the picnic was held so it was easy to walk over and back.


  1. Looks like you only need nine (?) blocks to finish the log cabin top. I’m sure you can finish it yet this month.

  2. Can you provide the measurements for this log cabin. Or is there a pattern? I love the look of it and I love that you are using your strip scraps to make it up. Thank you

  3. It’s always nice to get back to our normal routines after a relaxing vacation. I am sure you will complete your beautiful quilt on time. Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing day. We did yard work most of the day but I find that relaxing. It was a beautiful day here in the Seattle area. Today we are expecting rain so I am happy we spent yesterday outside.

  4. Your house choice made all those things you mentioned possible. Love both your projects. I am in the midst of pin basting. I couldn’t use a longarm so I must baste.

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