We almost missed our connection due to our flight from Virginia being delayed but we arrived at the gate in Atlanta just in time. So nice to be home!

Waiting for me … some yarn purchases … in my defense, all were on sale! I couldn’t resist so now I need to keep up with my current afghan obsession. Next up will be one for Mo!


  1. Your table is hysterical! Mine has 9 skeins from KnitPiks for a shawl, 7 skeins from BluPrint for a blanket and — the BEST — 15 skeins from Woodland Attic 24. All such beautiful yarn — and so much fun!

  2. My yarn for Dune is on my cutting table in a lovely bag. I have a tick borne illness and life has been slower. I did attend a quilt retreat though and made a good start on two quilts. So glad you had a great vacation. Always needed.

  3. Mo will be happy to have an afghan. My grandma made them for her grandchildren and we looked forward to our turn to come around. Happy to see that you had a great family week!

  4. Mary, so glad you made it home OK. Love your yarn finds! Can you believe I’m still crocheting on the same afghan, but I’m on my last skein of yarn. So, that’s progress! I went to Tuesday Morning last week and found 3 Bernat Yarn Pops for $2.99 each. Also Mary Maxim had some cute ripple type afghan patters for $1.49 each and I downloaded several. I’m enjoying my crocheting once again thanks to you. It’s a wonderful pastime in the evenings when I’m too tired to sew. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Mary, I’m so glad that you let us tag along with you. Your family is so beautifully intertwined through the various generations. The way that you connect with your mom through the love of your quilting is fun to watch. Thank you for the inspiration that you give us in all aspects from daily life to your creativity and charity work.

      I have not noticed if you have mentioned places from which you order yarn and fabric. I have not been successful in finding good online yarn shops. I have made many neck scarfs since you mentioned that pattern.

  5. Happy you made it home safely. How fun to come home to new yarn. I imagine you are already half way done with another afghan. I am still working on my baby one. Well, have not worked on it lately at all but I need to get busy. The baby shower is in June!! I bet Finn is thrilled to have you home!!

  6. Hi Mary! Yay to being h.o.m.e. It’s nice to go away and all the more sweeter to come back home. I know Finn is glad! ~smile~ Roseanne

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