A while back my sister Maureen saw a Churn Dash quilt I’d made and decided she wanted one too only brighter. This is mine … the blocks are 12 inches finished.

This is the one I designed for her. These blocks are 9 inches finished and I used an Accuquilt GO die to cut them for her.

She started making a few blocks but set it aside and hadn’t worked on it for a while. When Mom was here in January we decided (with Maureen’s agreement) that Mom would finish piecing it and I would quilt it for her.

Since we were putting Minkee fabric on the back, I used a lightweight Thermore batting. Pantograph is Steam and while I set up the machine to use a variegated thread, it kept breaking on me (even when I had good stitch quality, had loosened the tension, and the quilt was loose on the frame) so I change to black and am happy with how it turn out! Luckily, I didn’t have but a few inches of the variegated thread to pick out of the quilt.

The back is a gray Minkee.

11 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. So did you have two different color threads when quilting this? It looks great!

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  2. Youza Mary! You, your mom and your sister make a fabulous team. I just LOVE this version. The minky on the back hides the thread – it just kind of absorbs it so it doesn’t lose a bit of that luscious feeling. I’ll bet your sister is just tickled pink that it is all wrapped up. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. I want one too – I’ve never made a churn dash quilt but I sure do enjoy the block.


  3. Lucky Sister! It’s so fun that you and your Mom enjoy quilting together so much. Sorry about your frustrating thread problems. But, the quilting looks beautiful!


  4. This is beautiful and I am happy that you gave a little of your time and love to give Maureen something special. Someone said you are a good sister. You are just a good and thoughtful person who gives of herself for all the right reasons and inspires others – at least this one other- to do the same.


  5. Beautiful! I have some churn dash blocks I started years ago out of left-over fabric from my girls clothes. I’ve been thinking about doing more. Now I will. Thanks for the inspiration.


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