Today I didn’t sew … I was having to stop and take care of several things on and off most of the day and it was easier to crochet so I could pick it up and put it down easily. I also managed a bike ride. Just before midnight I wove in the last end of Mo’s afghan. It seems crazy that I made this in just 4 days but it goes pretty fast and I don’t like to sit in the evening without working on something.

Next up I’m going to crochet something other than a ripple but look at this beautiful texture … I will be doing more of these!

I shouldn’t have interruptions tomorrow except caring for Finn so I’ll get a start on assembling the strips and strings log cabin blocks.

You can see my notes on this afghan in this post.


  1. Oh that is gorgeous, Mary!! Love the texture/style of it as well as the colors! Are the colors already on the skein together and just come off the skein that way (and make the stripes) or do you have to change the colors? I want to learn how to do this! Can you teach us?!

  2. How the heck do you do it so fast and make it look so very nice? I continue to be amazed at your speed of accomplishment. You are an inspiration.

  3. You’re right – the texture is so pretty. I think that texture is what makes this pattern so special.

  4. This is such a pretty color combination! Mo is going to love it! I have these directions printed out, so next one I’ll try it. Such lovely texture.

  5. Beautiful colors and love that pattern!! I would love to see you crocheting in action. I crocheted last night and didn’t get very far. My afghan has a few color changes and that slows me down. Plus watching a TV program I sometimes have to stop crocheting and pay attention. I can’t wait to get this baby afghan done so I can start on one like yours. But will also have a baby quilt to bind and a flannel receiving blanket that I already bought fabric for to make. Plus gardening. Hmmmm, it might be a while before I can start a new afghan.

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