I really don’t like leaving Finn for so long when we go to Hatteras each year. He boards at our vet so I know that any issues will be addressed and that does make me feel better but it’s a long time for him to be away from us (no, he can’t come with us on this trip although he has traveled with us frequently). So while I’m making progress in the sewing room … all my strips and strings log cabin blocks are pieced and I loaded and quilted Maureen’s churn dash today, he’s getting lots of cuddle time. He also got groomed today so he’s very handsome!

One advantage to cuddle time is I’m making lots of progress on Mo’s afghan!


  1. Aww, sweet Finn! You are absolutely looking quite handsome and you are certainly enjoying that snuggle time under Mo’s afghan. He’s no fool! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. We have totally rearranged our lives because our almost 15 year old cat needs medicine 3 times a day. Animals work their way into our hearts. Com is so cute you must have lots of difficulty leaving him.

  3. We have some older dogs now so no trips without them. Since we are mainly campers, they go along with us. We have boarded our pets before and two died very quickly after we got home, a heartache for us. Finn is a handsome boy for sure, give him an extra cuddle from me.

  4. Finn is so handsome with his coat all spiffed up. It is hard to leave pets behind.

  5. It’s difficult to leave our babies that long even when they are in good hands. We are going to be gone a whole week in June, and our cat is so old (almost 18) and arthritic that I’m not comfortable boarding him somewhere. But we leave an extra litter box, have automatic feeder/waterer – and more important my cleaning lady will check on him and scoop those litter boxes a couple of times while we are away. He’s comfortable with her so it works OK.

  6. Awww, Finn is so cute and looks very comfortable under that afghan. Beautiful colors by the way. We have a little special needs dog and I hate leaving her. We have a house/dog sitter stay and it works pretty well. But the sitter I especially like is hard to book because she is in such demand. We don’t travel much so that is a good thing. Enjoy your cuddle time with Finn!

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