1. Oops! It’s a good thing that you caught it when you did.
    I once donated a top to a charity – one of their quilters showed the completed quilt – and there, like a huge pimple on prom night, was a block that was rotated one turn…. No one had noticed it!

  2. We all do it at least once. I made a bow tie quilt for a former employee that we cared a lot about. It was before the days of digital cameras, so we had to wait until we got the pictures back from being developed. There it was at the top of the quilt, or bottom if you held it upside down. Also near the edge as your block is. But I found mine after it was quilted, bound and given to the couple.

    On Thursday, May 23, 2019, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” It will be a pain to fix it but at least it’s near the edge > of the quilt! It’s one reason I take photos but I should have looked a > little closer at the snapshot of the finished blocks and I might have > noticed the mis-rotated block! ” >

  3. Gee whiz! I had to really study this photo to find it! So what if you just leave it and see how many people ever notice or say anything. Unless it would drive you nuts – then by all means fix it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I spent much time yesterday unsewing some Log Cabin blocks I just started. At least you saw it before quilting it. This one is a beauty.

  5. We’ve all done it. I found one of mine a few years after it was done. I like your idea of taking a picture. I’m going to start doing that.

  6. I also hate mistakes!! I made one on the baby quilt I just completed. I put 2 of the same block right next to each other. Not a major mistake but I took pictures and studied it and still missed it. Of course now it really stands out to me but I am not telling anyone. I have not yet received it back from the quilter so I am hoping that will camouflage it some. You will feel much better once you get yours fixed.

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