Roll Call

Keith found a program by the local police and signed us up … it probably wasn’t great timing with the long holiday weekend and we had a lot of neighbors that were out of town but the ones that were here had the opportunity to interact and ask questions, and express any concerns to the police that patrol our area.

We were expecting just one or two officers so it was pretty neat when the whole night shift for our area showed up!

It really was a wonderful opportunity and I wish more of our neighbors could have attended. I didn’t get a photo of all of the neighbors but there were 8 of us.

9 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. That sounds like a really interesting idea – meet the officers that you hope you’ll never need to interact with, before you have to meet them in an emergency situation!


  2. Spread the word and maybe someone else will schedule one that you and the neighbors that came can spread the word. Neighborhood flyers etc. We have an online thing we belong to where people report stray animals, stolen mail and that type of thing. Police rarely patrol our neighborhood as we have very little crime.

    Good for you. It is nice to meet your local officers!


  3. What a good idea!! I wish more police departments would think about doing this. Where we live it is so populated and the police are spread so thin I’m not sure they could do that but it is a great idea.


  4. MARY!! This is SOOOOOOOOO cool. Our nephew is a police officer and this is the kind of goodwill they try to build in neighborhoods and schools whenever they get the opportunity. This makes my heart so very happy. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. A lot of departments in Wyoming are hosting Coffee with a Cop morning’s each month – a time for people to meet and visit with officers.


  6. What a great thing for both your neighborhood and your local officers. More departments should do this!


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