It’s a winner!

We tried a new recipe tonight for dinner and it was great! I might have been a little heavy handed on the spice since she said it was a non spicy version and I’ll back off just a little next time but Keith said not to back off too much! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Jambalaya before and I’ve certainly never cooked it but this version with sausage and chicken cooked in my instant pot was great. We don’t like green pepper so I substituted a red pepper and I used the Cajun sausage rather than the ground.

I didn’t get a photo of mine so I’ll share the photo from the recipe. Yum!

If you haven’t tried cooking in the Instant Pot, I highly recommend you try it! It took me about 15-20 minutes to chop and prepare everything for the pot tonight and then we walked away and sat on the porch. 40 minutes later dinner was ready to serve.


  1. Hello…..I am curious to know more about the instant pot. I have seen the definite rise in popularity with these but am unsure if it would serve our family well since there are just two of us. Some of them seem so big and I am not needing another appliance to store. What size do you find works best for you and hubby and secondly, what brand do you have? Do you find recipes easily and if so, where? Thank you for the info and for of course sharing your quilting results and your adorable pup, Finn with us!

  2. I am a jambalaya fan but have a favorite recipe. It is time and labor intensive but I love it to much to change. You and your instant lot allowed me to encourage my daughter to buy one and she loves it.

  3. Thanks Mary! I shared the recipe on FB for a friend that uses her instant pot – we’ll try the crockpot version. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Yum! Sounds great! I have thought about getting an Instant Pot but they are very expensive in Japan and I really don’t have the cupboard space to store it let alone the counter space to keep it out for regular use! As I’m not much of a cook I am tempted though to try anything that makes life easier in the kitchen!

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