It’s HOT

It’s been so hot here that I’m beginning to wonder just how bad it’s going to be this summer. We’ve had temps between 93-96 degrees already and it’s not even the first of June!

I’m thankful for my bike since it’s really too hot for me to walk long distances. Yesterday we biked downtown for dinner – that was 8 miles round trip.

Of course, with temps that high we were sweaty so it’s nice to have places downtown where we can eat outside in the shade. We did have a nice breeze off the river and we were early enough we beat the crowds!

I debated whether I’d load and quilt one more top this month but in the end, playing around with ideas for my June Precut quilt won. It’s an odd layer cake and none of the ideas I saw online were going to work so I settled on large hourglass blocks.

May’s accomplishments

Pieced the Strips and Strings Log Cabin top

Quilted Maureen’s Churn Dash and two Happy Block tops

Bound the two Happy Block Tops

Bound my HeartStrings quilt – UFO #8 for the year finished

Crocheted 3 afghans

Have the Layer Cake hourglass blocks and the Pink Squares afghan in progress


  1. Yikes, I don’t do well in temperatures that high and add humidity and I’m miserable. Glad that your bike allows you to quickly get to places with shade. It’s still chilly here on the mountain top – even had 3+ inches of snow on Monday. Yesterday and today are in the mid-60s.

  2. Too hot here in North Myrtle Beach, SC too….93-98 degrees (heat index of low 100’s) for 2 weeks…ridiculous
    Can’t wait for it to break (fingers crossed)

  3. I don’t think we’ve gotten above 95, but the humidity is already feeling like the “dog days of summer!” Sigh… I’m afraid we are going to absolutely melt into the pavement.

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