New hooks

For years I’ve used the Susan Bates crochet hooks but I decided to give the Clover hooks a try. They have a wider handle which seems to make it easier to hold for longer periods of time.

My set came with 10 hooks ….

And since I want to try crocheting some scarves with fingering weight yarn, I like that there are several smaller hooks included.

I don’t hold my hook like a pencil so I wasn’t sure at first these would be comfortable for my grip but they are and I’m pleased with them! The grip I use is called the “knife” grip

I just have a couple rows on this afghan before I start the border. I’m ready to finish it up and move on to the next one AND I need to get back in the sewing room tomorrow! There’s a top I want to quilt, a quilt to trim and get the binding sewn on, and I’d like to start getting those hourglass blocks assembled all before I head out of town again on Sunday!

6 thoughts on “New hooks

  1. Those hooks look really functional for people like me with arthritis in my hands. I have some moldable grips that I can add to hooks, but these look more helpful. Do you mind telling me where you got them?


  2. Mary, I purchased just one to try them out, but I still like my all metal crochet hook. The yarn can slide further up the hook for me. But, I don’t hold my hook like a knife. So, I put the one I bought in my “extra” stash just in case I need another for some reason. But, it’s nice to know you like them.


  3. I bought that exact set a couple of years ago and really like them. However, my favorite hooks are by Knitters Pride. They are wood and the yarn just glides over them. I also have the knitting needle set. I hold my crochet hook like a pencil and that might be why I like these better. I love the Chatbooks and have one in progress. A lot of my pictures are on a different computer then the one I use daily so I just need to sit my rear down at that one and get it done. I made my first flannel baby receiving blanket yesterday. So fun and a fast project to complete…once you figure out how the corners work. Enjoy your day!


  4. I use the knife hold. I have two brands of hooks, Susan Bates and Boyle. I know the difference in the two, but right now I couldn’t say which is which. The next time I have a discount coupon and can’t find anything to use it on, I’m going to get those Clover hooks or at least one to try. I have never noticed them before.
    xx, Carol


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