Timing is everything!

It’s that time of year when we have to start dodging the afternoon showers … but at least the temps aren’t in the mid 90s like last month.

We had a light sprinkle on the way up to Sail but the afternoon shower blew through quickly as we were having lunch. You can see the clouds behind Keith as we’re leaving.

And the blue sky on the way home!

I’m going to crochet a bit, pack for my trip, and then it will be time to cook dinner. Keith has requested Jambalaya again so he’ll have leftovers to eat while I’m gone.


  1. I see so much humidity. We were at my uncles quite a few times before he passed away and occasionally in Largo it was quite humid. Our summers here in Palm Springs, CA are very hot and come August can be quite humid. We both hate the humidity. But, we also don’t want to live in snow in the winter. We want to live somewhere with good tax breaks but still need to be fairly close to one of our boys as one lives in Ca and the other in Honolulu. I hate to leave CA, but our taxes and politicians are all so liberal anymore. Not or style. We both try not to be political online, but things are not fun in CA Many friends have moved to NV, AZ, or the mid to southeast. The only reason some stay is they want to be close to the grandkids or their kids to care for them as they advance in age and may need assistance.

    Haas this affected your moves to be closer to your kids?

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