Heading home

Chris texted me last night wanting to know if everything was okay because I hadn’t posted in several days – not like me I know but my trip Sunday was a challenge and I arrived at Mom’s tired!

It was a quick visit with some errands Monday and lunch with Kevin, sewing or I should say prepping on Tues and Wed since we cut out a quilt from a kit and started doing some tracing and fusing for one of Mom’s quilts. Unfortunately, our fusible web wasn’t cooperating – the batiks don’t seem to like Wonder Under so we had to scrap everything and we’ll get back to work on it my next visit. At least we got all the appliqué reversed on template plastic and some of it traced onto the Steam a Steam 2 (after testing it of course!).

I didn’t take a single photo of the scenery – it’s lovely here in the Shenandoah Valley but I can’t drive the mountains roads and snap photos too!

I also didn’t take any photos of Mom but I was looking at some old ones and came across this one of Mom with Chesty – we were living in Marietta at the time so it’s about 15 years ago … and look, we were working on quilts that visit too! We’re both so thankful that we’ve had this shared interest for the last 19 years!


  1. Wonderful photo of Chesty and your Mom, and it’s great that you both have a shared interest in quilting. Yes, I was getting worried about you too—but, knew you and your Mom were probably really busy having fun visiting and quilting. Take care, and I hope you have a better trip home than the one going to your Mom’s.

  2. Interesting comment about the batik and wonder under. I had the same thing happen but with heat and bond. I thought it was something I did.

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