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I’ve got a couple more weeks in June so I’m thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next two weeks.

First up will be to finish the Layer Cake Hourglass top and the current Ripple afghan.

I’d also like to get 2-3 tops quilted – maybe a couple HeartStrings Happy Block tops and one my Aunt sent me to quilt.

I’ve got the Sashed Tumbler quilt to bind.

And of course, I’m already thinking about my next piecing project. I’ve got some bright scraps in a bin that I want to use but I haven’t decided what to make with them yet and since I’ve got a lot I’d like to accomplish, I’m going to go for something simple I think – I’ve got a Jelly Roll with reds and neutrals and I think I’ll make a half Log Cabin quilt. This layout is typically called a Bento Box and I made this one back in 2007 from my red and purple scraps. It was given to Becky and I still see it from time to time although I’ve made them lots of other quilts since then.

I don’t have instructions for this one on my website but I did come across these instructions a couple months ago when I was searching for Jelly Roll Quilts. I haven’t used the instructions myself but they look pretty detailed and easier than the assembly method I used for the one above!


  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound. It sounds like you had a productive visit with your mother. That is a beautiful quilt! Love the colors!

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