The Layer Cake Hourglass top is assembled! This is my June Precut project so I’m on track this year for at least one top per month using precuts which is good because I’m failing miserably at NO BUY!! More yarn was purchased yesterday thanks to a sale at Michael’s catching my eye.

Quilt Notes

  • I used 36 of my 40 squares from the layer cake.
  • Blocks are set 5 blocks across and 7 rows down.
  • Block size is 9 inches ( 8.5 inches with seam allowances).
  • Quilt size is approximately 42.5 x 59.5


  1. It’s hard not to buy when it is on sale. I bought 93 yards of fabric last week for $1.00 a yard. Fabric that was left when a quilt shop closed.

  2. I like this one, too! Will you add borders, or are you calling this one done? I always want to make mine bigger because of all the tall people in my family.

  3. I understand your remake about “buying”. I said I wasn’t buying this year (LOL). I purchased more that last year and we have 6 months to go.

  4. Ooooh… I love the colors! This is a precious quilt! What will you use for the borders? Does this beauty have a home ye? WTG with getting your project done so early!

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