This time of year it can be really hard to decide if there’s a big enough window to get out and ride our bikes before the storms roll in. I don’t mind getting wet but I don’t like being caught outside in a lightning storm! We check the weather report before we leave and keep an eye on it while we’re out.

We watch the sky ….

We decided we had a pretty good window to ride today but it got a little threatening at one point.

Luckily, we were turning south shortly after I snapped this photo and the weather was heading away from us.

I love our weekend bike rides!! We got 14 and a half miles in today and stopped for lunch…

And at a park on Davis Island to enjoy being by the water for a while!


  1. Glad to see you home with Keith and Finn. Also glad to know you were able to spend time with your Mom. I spent most of my summers off from work with my Mom, either in the hospital or when she was resusitated. A lot of wild times. She lived until 91 y/o. I miss her so much. And, being that tomorrow is father’s day, I also greatly miss my Dad. After my heart attack and having another chance at life, I treasure every minute with my husband, our boys and grandchildren. I know you do with your family and it means so much to me.

  2. Great that you have large enough windows to ride!! Here in Northern Indiana we have been getting about 2 inches of rain a day. Window?? No Windows here unless you count 1/2 hours of mist. Funny days are few and far between but find me fighting back the new weeds in spots I just WEEDED but had no time to lay mulch. BUT…can’t let the rain get me down but I admit is does make me lazy.
    xx, Carol

  3. Your bike rides sound fun and you have such a beautiful place to ride. Glad you made it back home before the storm!

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