Not loving it yet!

I’ve learned to not judge how successful a quilt is until it’s finished so I’ll hold off judgement on this one for now. However, I am loving constructing these blocks from Jelly Roll strips! So much quicker and easier than sewing them like a traditional log cabin block.

You can find the instructions for cutting the block from Jelly Roll Strips here. The one thing I don’t like about the instructions is she says to press the seams open. With this pattern, you can press to the dark, or away from the light strip and your seams should nestle. I’m not against pressing open when I’m twisting and turning blocks every which way but my preference is always to have seams nestled because things just line up better I think.

Sometimes I worry about the size of my stash but I love it when I can pull the perfect fabric right off my shelf … isn’t this one going to make a great binding for this Happy Block quilt?!


  1. Oh definitely perfect for the binding!! I no longer worry over being “over-stashed” –I love getting new fabric that propels me into something i love doing…
    I like the Bento Boxes’ colors you’ve chosen so far…very rich looking…i often get surprised at how things look on my wall…like those dang curvey wedges that i don’t know what to do with!! Aaargh
    hugs, Julierose

    • Your Quarter Log Cabin sounds neat. I just made 3 regular Log Cabins & am on the look out for varations. Where did you find directions for yours? Love to see it! Thanks!

  2. I don’t press my seams open. If the seam will ever pull open , i feel the chance of seeing the hole wherethe seam split is less.

  3. I’m loving your “Bento Box” blocks & can’t wait to see the completed project! I’ve had that pattern for eons, meant to use it several time but just never have. Do you like it? Does it go together easily? Your blocks look fabulous! And so does your striped binding! I dunno about you but I always love a striped binding & that one is PERFECT for that little quilt! WTG!

  4. I think you will start loving it after you get more blocks together. I’m already loving it because I like warm colors. I know how you feel about your stash. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming but then it is fun to go shopping from your stash without leaving the house or without having to wait for it to be shipped!

  5. I found when I made my Bento Box like yours I wished, after it was quilted, that I had mixed up the blocks more with each other’s parts. Try it before you commit.

  6. I really like your first sentence. I’ll have to remember to do that, too. Perhaps it will help me finish some of my projects, if I kept a more open mind!
    That stripe is going to look great for the binding!

  7. Love your sashed tumbler quilt! I have the ruler for that but wasn’t sure what to make with it. Now I know. Can’t wait to see how your “log cabin” turns out. What a great design and great way to use up some of those jelly rolls I have stacked in my cabinet. I love Jelly Rolls but it is tough to find a pattern sometimes. If you have not done the 3 Dudes pattern it is a great one for jelly rolls. I have used it a few times. And I love the striped border for the fishy quilt. I put a piano border on a lot of my quilts. Striped fabric would definitely save some time.

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