We didn’t make it

After I ran around keeping appointments and doing errands today, we rode our bikes out for dinner … we did NOT make it home before the rain but luckily there was no lightning! I love that it stays light later but the daily summer storms do make it a challenge.

A little crochet today but no sewing yet … I might get a few more blocks made tonight after Keith goes to bed.

7 thoughts on “We didn’t make it

  1. Sorry that you got wet but very happy that you got to ride and got a good dinner! Enjoy your crafting and although you love goals and try to meet them sometimes just having fun is more important.


  2. Glad you only got wet but did not have any lightening or tornados. We love that area but we both feel we could not stand the humidity. Most of the time we have spent there was in Nov., Dec., or March. The weather was beautiful. Tampa is a wonderful city. My BFF from elementary thru high school lives just outside of Ft.Lauderdale. Next trip will be that way!


  3. We are getting a lot of rain storms around here in the evenings too. I don’t ride a bike but John (my dog) and I have narrowly escaped being drenched!


  4. I wonder how many of us stay up later than our husbands to do something just for us? I’ve always liked being the last one awake, ever since our kids were young. Whether sewing, reading or just watching TV, it’s always been the first step in my getting-ready-to-sleep routine.


  5. Riding your bikes to dinner sounds like fun, even if you have to get wet on the way home. We’ve talked about getting bikes but haven’t done it yet.


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