This is one of my Aunt’s quilts – kind of a floral crazy quilt and very busy!

Pantograph is Jilly and this is the last thing on my to do list for June!

I appreciate the feedback on the half Log Cabin quilt but I’d already worked out my plan for it yesterday after posting. While the contrast was better in person in the darker blocks and while I’m sure the quilt would have been fine, I decided to eliminate some blocks and go for a smaller lap size quilt. Hopefully, I’ll get the top assembled before my company arrives on the 1st.

5 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Congrats on finishing everything on June’s To Do List, Mary!! Your Aunt’s quilt looks like what I call a Wonky 9-Patch. It was one of my Go To donation and gift patterns about 10 years ago. I taught the members of my Bee how to make them. One of the quilters has never stopped making them!! It’s a fast pattern and you did a lovely job with the quilt.


  2. Love that quilt. Very pretty fabric choices! Almost looks like she used the Creative Grids crazy 8 rulers. I have them and have been wanting to make a quilt using them. This inspires me to at least get the rulers out and think about material. Congrats on getting sooooo much accomplished! I’m a gardener so the yard has my attention while the sun is shining. In Seattle you have to grab it while you can. Enjoy your company!!


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