Keith and I have been busy this weekend watching the Tour de France, biking, and even playing some Pickleball but I sewed a little each night after he went to bed and the Bento Box Half Log Cabin top has been assembled.

I like this top a lot more in person, the photo isn’t the greatest maybe because I snapped it at night and the lighting in my room isn’t the best for that. In hindsight, using a single background fabric would have been much easier with the fabrics in this Jelly Roll. I ended up pulling out some of the blocks that didn’t have good contrast and while the quilt is smaller than I originally intended, it’s still a great size for a lap quilt. In fact, I like a smaller quilt when I’m sitting in my recliner because I don’t get tangled up in it when I’m getting up and down.

You can find the instructions I used to piece this block from Jelly Roll Strips at this link. It was a quick and easy method but I don’t press my seams open unless I need to – it’s easy to press the seams in this quilt to the dark (or in some cases away from the light strip) and have them nestle nicely.

I don’t have big goals for this week – we’re cleaning up, doing laundry, and re-making all the beds after Chris’ visit because Adam and the kids will be here Thursday for a visit. I’ve got appointments Monday and Tuesday so my only goals between their visits are to finish this top (done), bind one of the Happy Block quilts, and make progress on the current crochet afghan. If I have time I might get the Precut Party quilt for July started – it’s half square triangles this month!


  1. Oh my word! That border just pulled those blocks together like nobody’s business! I LOVE IT! Now that was for the challenge, right? Does this little beauty have a home yet? I’ve been wanting to try Liz’s “Bento Box” for a QOV & now you’ve inspired me even more!

  2. You made a swan! I truly thought it was an ugly duckling but now it is very nice. Still not my wheelhouse color and style wise but pretty. The best thing about art is that everyone gets to appreciate in their own way but there are some solid basics that hold true.

  3. Love this block. I think it would look good in black, white and grey for my older son and his wife.

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