1. Wonderful drawing! Your creative talents have carried over to your grandson.

    Kathy in WI

    On Sunday, July 14, 2019, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” Someone is a bit obsessed with dinosaurs… I can relate > since I seem to be obsessed with quilting and my crochet! He wasn’t > particularly happy with my sidewalk chalk colors but he made do! ” >

  2. An artisy. Love the dinosaurs. One of my daughters was fascinated with dinosaurs and about 5 years ago I cleaned out books plastic and wooden models and lots of drawings. Encourage learning always.

  3. My youngest grandson has been in the dinosaur stage for a couple years now. I think he has every toy dinosaur and dinosaur t-shirt ever made!

  4. Ah… How about a dinosaur quilt? I made a bed quilt for my son when he was in kindergarten with all sorts of different dinosaurs (an Australian pattern?). He liked it at the time but it didn’t go away with him when he moved out… I still have it on the quilt rack…

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