There are just two weeks left in July and I’m traveling 5 of those days so my goals are pretty modest … first up was to assemble my July Precut Party HST top – I know it’s simple but it will make a nice donation quilt when done … no borders on this one so it’s ready for quilting but like all my tops, it will age a bit in the closet while it waits for it’s turn!

I mentioned when I started it last week that these fabrics are from stash but my inspiration was a pattern from a Craftsy kit I’d bought a while back. They used 10 inch squares but I cut mine using my 6 inch finished HST GO die from Accuquilt.

Also on the list for July is to finish this ripple – I might even get it done tonight watching the Tour de France. I don’t have any specific number of rows I do on these, I just spread it across my lap and stop when I think the proportions are right.

The remaining items on the list:

  • Bind a Happy Block quilt
  • start a Kite quilt
  • quilt a UFO
  • finish weaving ends in on the linen stitch blanket
  • packing
  • get my mammogram!
  • laundry … lots of laundry!


  1. The ripple quilt looks like it’s getting pretty long! I just finished a 4′ wide by 5.5′ long one for my mom…didn’t use cakes this time to make it. Just started a new ripple for nephew in blues with a touch of tan. Using Caron Cakes for the first time. Seems to be working up pretty well. Do you use Caron Cakes? How many (on average) do you use in an afghan? Thanks for showing us your projects! Looked for a post earlier today, and was glad to find one now.

  2. Hey, nothing wrong with simple! I happen to LOVE your HST quilt! I can’t wait to see it all done! WTG!

  3. Make the Mammogram a priority! I am 74 and have had mammograms almost every year since about age 50. Three years ago it lead to an ultrasound and a biopsy which turned out to be negative. This year however, that wasn’t the case. I had many mammograms and then an ultrasound, and then a call back for a biopsy which meant I had even more mammograms and ultrasound! The biopsy was positive. It was only .8 cm which is about 1/4″ in size. From diagnosis to breast surgery was less than two weeks and I live in a small city. I will have to have radiation. My point is that the sooner it is detected the sooner the remedy can start. I have a positive attitude in life most of the time and this will not be a large part of my health resume. I can still make quilts! Get the Mammogram done ASAP. Put it on your list of jobs that need to be done every year! Sorry, I just need to get everyone motivated to have this done no matter if you like it or not.

  4. I love the ripple afghans you nake. I have been wanting to do one. What pattern do you use?

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