I couldn’t sleep last night

So I sat up and finished the ripple blanket and started another.

One of the things I love about Ravelry is seeing different patterns in a particular yarn before I give it a try. This is the Moss stitch blanket that I made once already in the Caron Big Cake yarn but when I looked at what other yarns people were using I saw that several people had made it using the Lion Brand Ice cream yarn.

I know it bothers some people that this blanket works up a little skewed but it doesn’t bother me and I even kind of like the effect. Here’s the example that made me decide to use this yarn with this pattern.


  1. Love this color – and I’m with you. The skewed effect wouldn’t bother me at all.

  2. I like the skewed effect….makes it look a little more handmade than one with perfectly regimented stripes. It always amazes me how many you get done! You are a little cottage industry all by yourself!

  3. I find that is you turn on every round, it gets rid of the skew. On another note love all the ripple blankets that you are making.

  4. I think it looks great. There are a lot of new yarns out that I have not tried. Crochet is a winter project for me. Or a project I do while waiting in the hospital. Guess I better find a project before Terry has minor surgery in September.
    xx, Carol

  5. The skewed effect is wonderful! Reminds me of the old camera accordion lense, or something like that. Love the blue and white!

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