Kite blocks

I’ve shown this bin of fabric before …

It’s the one I put together at Big Canoe a few years ago and brought to Florida to make this tessellating quilt.

Then I used the same fabrics to piece this hourglass quilt …

And pulled a bunch from the same bin to make this Flock of Geese.

It’s a small bin …. and I’ve made three quilts from it and it’s still full even after pulling some fabrics for the Kite quilt.

It’s times like this that I realize just how little fabric it takes to make a quilt and how MUCH fabric I have in my sewing room. Mom is 30 years older than I am and still quilting so I like to think I have another 30 years to use it all up!

I haven’t committed to a final layout yet but I’m pretty sure these blocks are going to get sashed.


  1. Sometimes I think my fabric secretly multiplies in the dark… LOL! Your bucket has certainly turned out some beauties! I love all of them! WTG! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Such pretty colors and they made wonderful quilts. Your pinwheel one actually inspired a baby quilt I made of pinwheels in similar colors. I can picture those kite blocks set together in sets of 4 and then sashed. But whatever you decide they’ll make a lovely quilt.

  3. as a quilter like you guy’s, I know fabric multiple’s over night. The more I do in the sewing room the more it seems to multiply too. Just don’t seem to get ahead of it all. I just keep cutting and stitching when I can, and hopefully I will have it all taken care of. I will not buy one piece of fabric until I have used what I already have. Famous last words I know. Ha.

  4. Yowza, Mary! I just LOVE those fabrics, and seeing that bag full of fabrics that have made THREE quilts already?! Plus the start of a third . . . I really need to stop buying fabric. Or better yet – stop working and get to sewing. Yeah, I like the last option better. I love all three quilts and can’t wait to see where these blocks go when they grow up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Are you paper piecing those, or accucut, or acrylic template? Lovely selection of quilts from the bin.

  6. This post has been an eye opener for me. Hard to believe you could make all these quilts from that one bin of fabric and still have some left over! I sat in my sewing room yesterday, pulling fabric for a baby quilt, and was a bit overwhelmed with all the fabric everywhere. How many quilts could I make? (Kept thinking about your bin of fabric and these quilts you made.) I was finding fabric I forgot about, lots of it still folded from when it was purchased. Lots of oohh-ing and aahh-ing as I found more and more beautiful and interesting fabric. Some on shelves, some in bags. Thinking maybe I should just put a lot of it in plastic bins and put those bins away until I use up a good bit of fabric, then bring the bins out to “replenish” the fabric stash. I need to experience the joy of using it because when my time comes….who knows what will happen to it all….and who knows when my time will come? (…..hopefully not too soon)

  7. Every time I make a scrap quilt I think that I’m going to use a lot of fabric. When the quilt is done I can’t tell any difference in my stash.

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